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User Interface, Product Design

This platform was designed to simulate job tasks, providing candidates with a realistic preview of job responsibilities and allowing employers to assess candidate compatibility and skills.

Target Audience

  1. B2B: HR Managers, HR Recruiters

  2. B2C: Candidates

Approach and Methods

The design approach centred on creating an immersive, realistic simulation experience. Through iterative design, continuous feedback, and agile principles, the platform was made user-centric and aligned with evolving requirements. Detailed user research, persona definition, and workflow mapping informed the design. Prototyping and usability testing helped validate concepts and gather user feedback for iterative refinements based on analytics and best practices.


  • Limited Experience: Candidates often struggle with complex job applications.

  • Technological Comfort: Clear, user-friendly interfaces were essential for candidates unfamiliar with advanced technology.

  • Understanding Expectations: Candidates needed clarity on what was expected during the simulation and how it impacted their job prospects.

Problem Solved

HR managers needed an effective way to evaluate candidate skills and fit for the job through realistic simulations.
The platform incorporated interactive simulations with AI technology to grade and assess candidate performance, providing valuable insights into their capabilities. 

Outcomes and Impact

  • Efficiency Improvements: The platform significantly reduced the time spent on evaluating candidates, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic activities.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The integration of AI technology provided HR managers with actionable insights, improving the quality of hiring decisions.

  • Increased Engagement: The realistic simulations engaged candidates, providing a better understanding of job responsibilities.

  • User Satisfaction: Feedback highlighted increased satisfaction with the platform’s ease of use and effectiveness, demonstrating its positive impact on the hiring process.

Research and User Feedback

Extensive research and user feedback from HR professionals and candidates guided the development. The simulations were iteratively improved to ensure they were realistic and relevant.

Recruitment Management
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