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User Interface, Product Design

User experience and interface design tailored for simulations aimed at assessing a candidate's compatibility with both the position and the organisation

Jamie Davidson
Jamie is eager to secure a role in the retail domain. He possesses moderate technological proficiency, comfortable with common software applications and online platforms.

The Simulations are utilised to screen and categorise potential candidates for specific positions. These simulations encompass diverse validations enabling seamless progression through each stage until their conclusion. AI technology is leveraged to assign grades to each step, assessing the candidate's alignment with both the position requirements and the organisational fit.

Pain Points

  1. Limited Experience: Jamie lacks extensive experience in the professional workforce, making it challenging to navigate complex job application processes.

  2. Technological Comfort: While Jamie is familiar with basic technology, he may find advanced simulations and assessments daunting without clear user-friendly interfaces.

  3. Understanding Expectations: Jamie seeks clarity on what is expected of him during the simulation process and how it impacts his job prospects.


  1. Career Advancement: Jamie is motivated to secure a role in the retail sector.

  2. Skill Validation: He looks forward to using simulations as an opportunity to showcase his skills and suitability for potential positions.

  3. Learning Opportunities: Jamie is excited about the prospect of learning through the simulation process, enhancing his understanding of industry requirements and expectations.

Recruitment Management
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