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B2C Job Application Platform

Lead Designer, TaTio Ltd.

This platform enables candidates to apply for jobs after performing simulations, offering them a firsthand experience of expected job responsibilities. With a focus on accessibility, the platform ensures seamless mobile access to users with diverse technology proficiency levels.

As the lead designer, I led the design efforts, focusing on a mobile-first approach to enhance accessibility. My role involved creating an intuitive interface that simplified the application process and integrated job simulations.​

Target Audience 



  1. Designing an intuitive interface to accommodate users with diverse technology proficiency levels.

  2. Simplifying the application process to enable candidates to navigate through multiple job applications effortlessly.

  3. Integrating a streamlined application feature allows candidates to apply to multiple jobs with a single click.

Approach and Method 

My design approach centred on simplifying the job application process while enhancing user experience. Employing agile principles and Lean UX methodologies, I aimed to align the platform closely with evolving user requirements through rapid iteration and continuous feedback incorporation. User research, persona definition, and workflow mapping were conducted to inform the design process. Prototyping and usability testing were used to validate design concepts and gather user feedback, leading to iterative refinements based on analytics and best practices.


  • Intuitive Interface: Designing an interface to accommodate users with varying technology proficiency.

  • Simplified Application Process: Making it easy for candidates to navigate through multiple job applications effortlessly.

  • Sleek Application Feature: Allowing candidates to apply to multiple jobs with a single click.

Problem Solved

​Candidates needed a straightforward and accessible way to apply for jobs and understand job expectations through realistic simulations. Existing processes were often cumbersome and inefficient.
The platform utilised accessible design principles, making it easy to navigate and use on mobile devices. Job simulations were integrated to provide candidates with a realistic preview of job responsibilities.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Efficiency Improvements: The platform significantly reduced the time and effort required for candidates to apply for jobs.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Candidates could make better-informed decisions based on realistic job simulations.

  • Increased Accessibility: The mobile-first design ensured the platform was accessible to a wide range of users.

  • User Satisfaction: Feedback highlighted increased satisfaction with the platform’s ease of use and efficiency, demonstrating its positive impact on the job application process.

Research and User Feedback

Extensive user research was conducted through interviews and surveys with candidates. Their feedback was pivotal in iterating on the design, ensuring the platform met their needs and improved their application experience.

Recruitment Management
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